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FREE Wedding Invitations!
Gown Preservation Available!
SAVE $50 On Each Member of Your Wedding!


* ALL of your Wedding Invitations FREE! 

 (Seno is proud to be partnered with Carlson Craft and Birchcraft Stationery to offer the finest in Wedding Stationery. Find out more here.)

* FREE Tuxedo or Suit for the Groom!

  Tuxedos Starting at $47.95!

  $50 OFF Each Tux or Suit in Your Wedding Party!

* 1/2 OFF Your Ringbearer!

* $65 OFF Your Wedding Gown Preservation!

(Seno maintains our own, high level dry cleaning facility to clean, restore and box (w/ seal) your wedding dress and accessories.)

* When you register your wedding party of 6 or more.