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We're ready to make your event great, just a few things first... In consideration of providing the best quality service and product to you, we request that any measurements submitted be taken by a Formalwear or Menswear specialist. Seno Formal Wear is connected with over 400 Fomalwear Providers from around the nation, so it's easier than ever to find a specialist near you. Please click here to find your local store to be measured at. Also, it is important that you take in consideration the Final Fitting date provided by Seno or your Event Organizer, so that we may make sure we have you looking perfect for your special day. Thank you!


*A $25 Down Payment is required on all orders, unless specified otherwise. You may submit a secure Debit or Credit Card number (VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER) by contacting the Seno where your order is being arranged to file payment. Please, no Checks accepted within two weeks of the event. Your information may take up to 72 hours to process.*


YOUR TUXEDO MUST BE RETURNED THE FIRST BUSINESS DAY AFTER USE TO AVOID A $25 PER DAY LATE FEE. In consideration for the Damage Waiver of $8.00, Seno agrees to waive all claims against the customer resulting from unintentional, minor damage during the rental period. The Waiver Fee does not cover extensive or malicious damage to the garment, loss or theft of the garment. The tuxedo must be returned on the next business day after use. You agree to pay a $25 late fee for each day garments are kept past the return date. You will be charged a $25 service fee in the event this order in cancelled. You further agree to pay collection costs, court costs and attorney's fees if Seno has such expenses in connection with the enforcement of this Rental Agreement. $25 Rental Payment required on all orders.